The needs of the pharmacists sector are constantly changing, requiring scientists to adapt to modern market trends for their successful development and record of accomplishment. The strengthening of the communication character while paying attention to the detail of the construction shows the general respect and understanding of the pharmacist to the increased needs of the modern public.

Choosing Innovo Constructions as a partner to realize his vision, the pharmacist in Ilion wanted to give value to his investment, aiming at an excellent result of high aesthetics and functionality. The services provided are upgraded and their social status is strengthened. The buying audience feels familiar and welcoming in the modernized environment that meets all of its expectations.

During the construction of the pharmacy, all the existing facilities of the electrical, mechanical, plumbing, cooling and heating facilities were designed and renovated according to the new layout to cover the present and future needs of the premises. Then the decorative interventions and the required equipment were completed according to the new style of the pharmacy design.

The layout of the furniture, the design of the store and the application of merchandising techniques are some basic elements that affect the placement and the appearance of the products aiming at immediate visibility and easy accessibility so that the subconscious desire becomes a decision to buy. The visual consistency of the exterior with the interior creates a clear image in the mind of the client, allowing him to remember it in time to return whenever it is necessary. The white shades come in visual contrast with the earthy shades, giving vivacity and “warmth” to the atmosphere. The lighting is the ultimate mean of highlighting the appearance of all shapes and different points in the store.

The stage presence of the unique identity of the pharmacy in Ilion makes it a pole of attraction because of its diversity and its unique services. The renovation of the pharmacy has led to an original space of its own character tailored to the needs and personality of the pharmacist.

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