Pharmacy Construction in Glyfada

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Nowadays, the training and professionalism of the pharmacist combined with the hospitable environment directly affect sales growth as they inspire confidence and enhance the image of the pharmacy as a point of sale for a variety of products. Innovo Constructions fully understands the needs of the modern pharmacy and is at the side of the scientist, serving every need.

The original construction of the pharmacy in Glyfada adopts new materials and sophisticated solutions for a unique result for which we used the bee as its theme. Nature and more specifically bee and its products have many nutritional and healing properties, contributing effectively to maintaining the health and wellness of the body. The application of appropriate techniques for the orientation of new entrants and the optimal product development is done by studying, at the same time, the way of perceiving the needs of the client, his culture and his psychology.

The central idea that defines the renovation of the pharmacy appears in the facade verbally and schematically. The simple design of the window showcase allows direct visual contact with the drug store, dragging the passer through the automatic door to further explore the stimulus that has triggered it.

The most impressive element of all is the roof of the Pharmacy with the large octagonal luminaires. The basic lighting of the room is sufficient to ensure visual comfort. At the same time, emphasis is given on wall-mounted displays, highlighting the products and the details of their packaging. The application of merchandising techniques ensures optimal and effective product promotion by motivating the buying public to spontaneous purchases. So the customer can look, compare, choose without much effort what suits and satisfies him.

The composition of the pharmacy in Glyfada seems to be part of a hive. The unique identity of the space is a trademark and protects the philosophy of the pharmacist for the benefits of nature. Aesthetics, functionality and commerciality contribute to a harmonious result with a character that remains indelible in the memory of the customer.

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