The personality and training of the pharmacist combined with an attractive and functional space are the key to success. However, does the chemist have the necessary equipment to shape his pharmacy so that it meets his expectations? The design and construction of a pharmacy by a specialist company such as Innovo Constructions is a very important step in the upgrading of the space.

The construction of the pharmacy in Gerakas guarantees high quality, elegance and functionality, redefining its position in the ever-increasing competition. The special character of the pharmacy as a place of consulting services and products of health, beauty and well-being is perceived by the facade of the pharmacy as well as by the configuration of the pharmacy.

When designing the exterior, the parameter of keeping intact the dark marbles was set so as not to cut the visual consistency with the rest of the building. The marking and differentiation of the space is done with the original signage hanging from the balcony and the pendant three-dimensional cross. The care of the pharmacist for his fellow man is shown by the placement of a ramp at the entrance of the property.

Inside, merchandising is increasing by removing the Tecnyfarma drawers from the look of passers-by. Although they are a unique tool in the hands of a pharmacist, their recessing allows the widening of the projection space and the placement of graphics for communication purposes. As the pharmacy’s role has changed, their use for drug storage is considered necessary but helpful. The lighting and the choice of decorative colors play a key role in the attractiveness of the space. Therefore, the customer feels pleasant and intimate in a place that inspires professionalism and trust.

The new drugstore presents its unique identity and contemporary style by encouraging the public in its markets. Thus, the original renovation of the pharmacy introduces it dynamically into competition and the demanding market.


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