The existence of competition in health and beauty implies the need for “diversification”. The design on the construction of the pharmacy in Gerakas has gone through many stages and many proposals in order to finalize the optimal solution that expresses the pharmacist and fits into the space. The creative team of Innovo Constructions worked with love and imagination taking into account all the parameters of the modern era and the location of the property so that the result is worthy of expectations.

The successful course of the pharmacy is judged largely by the configuration of the façade and its window display. The anticipation of the ideal illumination, without tiring the eyes, the stylish and distinctive signage and the automatic entrance door are the elements of its own unique identity. Balancing the façade and the interior design gains the interest and the confidence of the individual.

The character of the new pharmacy sparks the return to the benefits of nature. The use of earth colors and wood, as well as the “leaf” in the graphic elements serve this purpose. At the same time, a warm and serene atmosphere is created, ideal for the psych synthesis of the modern man.

The construction of pharmacy furniture and equipment is a specialized solution tailored to the specific area. Their ergonomic design, high quality, durability and versatility create a flawless image of the pharmacy. Tecnyfarma drawers are placed on the back of the reception desk so that customers can be served quickly and efficiently. The organization of the merchandise is based on the commercial performance of the shelf and on making it easier for the public to get in touch with the product.

The innovative and attractive design reflects optimally the ambitions of the pharmacist. Everything helps and aims at more efficient and quicker customer service and sales growth. This strengthens interpersonal relationships by building strong links that guarantee the future success of the pharmacy.