A few years ago, the pharmacy was a healthcare facility and prescription drug delivery. Today, however, it provides specialized services and products of health, beauty and wellness. Thus, competition in the pharmacy industry is constantly growing and customer demands are rising.

The communication character of the pharmacy in Argyroupoli can be understood ever at first glance on its external aspects. The original inscription with the green luminous branches and the special pharmacist logo are the appropriate visual stimuli to attract the attention of passers-by. The simple and elegant glass windows display the products in class and organization.

The exterior decoration of the pharmacy is combined harmoniously with the interior decoration of the space. The friendliness of nature and its goods is shown on the exterior and in the graphics of the pharmacy. The shades of green and brown create intense contrasts with white surfaces, ensuring a calm yet lively atmosphere.

The sensitivity, foresight and respect of the pharmacist to his fellow man is shown in the ergonomic construction of the pharmacy. A comfortable resting position next to the entrance door invites the public to “take a breath” and then continue his purchases. Special markings and organized product placement trigger increased spontaneous purchases.

The final style of the pharmacy is determined by the lighting, as the lights directly affect the way customers perceive the space. The lighting and the choice of suitable lighting fixtures highlights the decoration and the products. The brightness of the room creates an interesting atmosphere while highlighting selected viewing points.

Psychological lifting and physical comfort is the ultimate goal of the construction of the pharmacy in Argyroupoli by Innovo Constructions. The specialized company in the design and the construction of pharmacies has all the necessary equipment to create unique solutions that fit into the conditions and are tailored to the personality and needs of the pharmacist.

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