The modern pharmacist, seeking to reach healthy and sick, men and women of varying age groups and different social profiles, is looking for a modern, attractive and functional professional store. Innovo Constructions’ creative team radiographs the unique personality of each pharmacist, aiming at complete constructions that illustrate the dynamics of the pharmacy and the psychology of its owner.

The detailed design for the construction of the pharmacy in Agios Dimitrios, with the original elements of high quality and aesthetics, refer to a modernized store while promoting the care of the pharmacist for his store and his fellowman. The renovation of the pharmacy began with the facade and the formation of the large glass. The sleek and elegant design of the showcases attracts the eye, creating the first stimulus for the pharmacy’s communication with the passerby.

The design of the interior is in perfect harmony with the exterior, forming a single image of the pharmacy. The whiteness and the cleanness of the surfaces refer to the excellent hygiene of the space. The color monotony breaks with the green wall giving life and warmth to space. The products are displayed in thematic windows around the pharmacy, allowing them to be categorized and organized with the appropriate graphics and appropriate markings.

In addition, the lighting of the pharmacy but mainly the lighting of the products plays a key role in their visibility and influences the customer’s purchasing decisions. The audience remains longer in a pleasant environment, increasing the chances of increased purchases. Particular lighting emphasis is given to the central composition of the room with the resting area and the products being easily accessible to the consumer.

The original way of dealing with the challenge of manufacturing the pharmacy in Agios Dimitrios gave the place its unique identity and its unique style. The new pharmacy attracts the buying audience and impresses with its aesthetics and functionality.

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