Pharmacy Construction in Acharne

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Aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics, organization, class, commerciality are some of the concepts of the pharmacy in Acharne. The friendly atmosphere and customer care is perceived from the very first moment with the entrance of the audience to the place.

But how did the pharmacist reach this excellent result? The key to success is its flawless collaboration with Innovo Constructions. The company through its many years of experience and continuous technical training has all the resources to make the pharmacist’s vision a reality. The adoption of innovative materials and original constructions within the framework of a comprehensive idea made the pharmacy unique in its kind.

Its location on a main road in Acharne played a catalytic role in shaping its façade. The impressive facade with the giant inscription pulls the eyes of passers-by and passing cars from a long distance. The window of the pharmacy is the connecting link of the interior with the exterior. The original constructions project the products while also giving interest to the buying public to pass through the door.

The inner space is dominated by the concept of return to nature and its benefits. The pharmacy decoration follows this idea faithfully, thus promoting mainly herbal formulations. The ultimate sense of the pharmacy is determined by lighting. Bright “boxes” make leaf compositions more “vibrant”, bright constructions highlight the positions of the merchandise; bright compositions allow visual comfort in space.

During the design of the pharmacy, merchandising techniques were applied to maximize the marketability of the space. This reinforced the visual communication of the person with the products and the verbal communication with employees through the service benches and the cash desk. The new pharmacy is a reversal to the establishment by introducing it dynamically into the increased competition of modern times.

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