Pharmacy architectural design in Germany

    The activity of INNOVO CONSTRUCTIONS is not limited to narrow Greek borders. It spreads its actions everywhere, including the European countries. In the industrial Germany, a pharmacist commissioned us to construct his pharmacy and we did it as usual.

    The pharmaceutical sector is difficult, as it requires special treatment. It has to be structured in such a way that the store, not just being clean, but also looking so. It is very important for customers to know that they are entering a sterile space.

    The showcase is along the store and covers the entire area of ​​the facade. It is all glass, supported by metal gray cavities for safety. This way the store looks panoramic also looking from the outside, predisposing customers to enter and shop.

    The room is basically white giving brightness and making the space look bigger. The white color was not randomly selected. It is the color that imparts the sense of cleanliness and nobility to any space.

    Various frames were created on the walls, each presented in a different geometric shape, to break the monotony. The interior was painted gray, which indicates gravity and proximity. Giving a dark color, we gave tension to the place where the products are exposed. This trick was used to attract customers’ looks, as gray, creates a strong contrast to white domination.
    The frames, however, have become very important. Inside, there are smaller partitions to divide the products into categories, making it easy to find the desired one. This helps employees work faster and easier.

    On the side of the longest wall, customer service benches were placed. Countertops are double-faced and multi-use. They also function as storage spaces, since they have drawers, cupboards and shelves in their blind spot.
    Glass cases have been created on the stalls, which offer elegance and translucency in the work that takes place there.

    Moreover, in the scattered spots of the countertop, in the front part, we have created support racks in the form of additional shelves to ensure purchases that are not in the customer lists but that were at the last minute. Simple marketing psychology.

    In the center of the pharmacy, white walls with glass shelves were placed, creating corridors at the same time. This way, we are guiding, in a way, the course of customers in the store, “imposing” them to see as many products as possible. On the one side there is a discreet lining in the form of wood to make the cold white warmer.

    On the commercially uncovered walls, pharmacies or chemical symbols were created to mark the status of the store.
    The ceiling lighting was distributed evenly throughout the room, creating a bright chessboard. We wanted to avoid the monotonous and common illumination that most have, giving the pharmacy a playful look.

    With the help of the hidden lighting, which we apply to most of our constructions, we have emphasized the commodity, but also the decoration of the store, creating a beautiful and relaxing environment.

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