Pharmacy Architectural Design in Athens


The difficult times we are in are obliging the pharmacist to get the situation in his hands and take on his own initiatives that will bring the prosperity of his business. His scientific space is called upon to acquire commerciality and human-centeredness to attract the buying public and drive it into increased purchases.

By following this course, the pharmacist in Nikea trusted the specialist company Innovo Constructions to design his store according to the current trends and current market conditions. Attractiveness is ensured by the high aesthetics, functionality and application of merchandising techniques during design.

The pharmacy area becomes a “reference point” for the beauty of the woman and her care. The personalized services of the pharmacy in Nikea are functionally supported and promoted by creating a special area within the sales area with a bench, a mirror and two seats. In this way, the pharmacist looks for the man and his needs. At the same time, it fosters the development of interpersonal discussions, counseling and the establishment of long-term relationships of trust.

During the design of the pharmacy, emphasis was placed on the transparency of the forms and the lighting, which contribute to the more efficient visual communication of the individual in the space. The gondola and showcase located centrally in the pharmacy serve their purpose by allowing the customer to see behind them, thereby increasing visual stimuli. The diffused mild general illumination contrasts with the accent lighting in the windows, prompting the eye to drop directly onto the commodity.

The goal of Innovo Constructions for an original pharmacy with a distinct identity is now a fact. Continuous training of the workforce for the design, the construction and the renovation of the pharmacy keeps it alert for new developments by constantly adapting its solutions to the demands of the future.

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