The architectural design and the construction of a pharmacy by a specialized company is an investment of strategic importance for the pharmacist. The goal is to design not only a stylish pharmacy carefully decorated but also functional to create a sense of comfort to the customer and to enhance interpersonal contact. This facilitates exchanges, promotes products, and increases sales!

The first step towards a cost-effective investment is choosing the right partner to understand your needs, guide, advise, and eventually realize the vision of the scientist. Innovo Constructions is at the side of the pharmacist at Agios Stefanos, realizes his vision and puts it into practice. The presentation of our proposal is made with three-dimensional representation in photorealistic images and two-dimensional drawings so that the scientist can fully understand the final idea of ​​application.

The new identity of the store is perceived at first glance. The facade exudes an air of freshness and optimism. Bright colors dress modern designs, stylishly designed modern furniture draws the passer’s attention. The automatic door allows the public to enter without a second thought as it opens like inviting him to pass through. Thus, the inner space becomes a continuation of the public.

The decorative compositions, the color options and the lighting determine the pleasant atmosphere of the pharmacy. The use of wood on the roof of the store and on the side of the reception help to shape the warm and welcoming environment. Merchandising is an integral part of the design and the construction as it greatly influences customer choices and spontaneous sales growth.

Diversity through innovation, coherence and modern performance of the whole are benefit for pharmacy customers. Innovo Constructions proceeds to the design, construction and renovation of a pharmacy with a guarantee of quality and durability, introducing the new space dynamically to modern competition.

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