Changes and upgrades to the profession of the pharmacist have raised great questions and worries about their survival. The pharmacist in Agios Dimitrios, envisioning tomorrow’s pharmacy, searched for the right company to fulfill his wishes. At Innovo Constructions, he found the trusted partner he was looking for. The company offers to the pharmacy area innovative ideas and constructions that cover all the modern needs of the scientist and his client.

The design proposal for the construction of the pharmacy provides a consistent form in the interior and exterior. The thoughtful and stylish facade with the bright inscription and the cross of high standards makes the presence of the modern pharmacy visible from a long distance. The choice of lack of furniture in the glass windows is made with the purpose of direct visual communication between the passerby and the interior.

The whiteness of the surfaces in the interior decoration is of constant value and refers to cleanliness and minimalist aesthetics. The area looks brighter and calm. At the same time, it creates the right contrasts with all the colorful packaging of the products, highlighting them with the best possible way.

During the layout of the space, special emphasis was placed on the direct orientation of the entrant in the pharmacy. The categorization of products, special markings, the manufacture of shop windows that promote spontaneous purchases, proper lighting are some of the merchandising techniques used to direct and promote the commodity. Designing an area ideal for children shows the care of the pharmacist for the needs of clients of all ages.

It is therefore understood that the pharmacy of the future in Agios Dimitrios combines aesthetics with ergonomics for the development of commercialism and consumerism. The innovation and diversification of Innovo Constructions’ individualized proposal, which is a specialized company in the design, construction and renovation of a pharmacy, introduces the new store dynamically to the increased competition of the modern demanding market.