Patisserie Construction

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Patisserie Construction

The character of the patisserie that “awakes” the senses

What attracts consumers to a patisserie so that they open the door and get in? Delicious delicacies classified in attractive showcases sweep the senses and lead the public to impulsive shopping. The in-house sales area allows easy movement of people by driving away the second thoughts and concerns.

How, however, is the optimal organization of the patisserie with the ideal tasteful result succeeded? The key to success lies in the cooperation of the entrepreneur with Innovo Constructions. The company, having many years of experience and high technical training, designs and proceeds to the construction of pastry shops, implementing and supplying the complete equipment of the workshops and sales outlets.

Starting from the architectural design of the pastry shop, the creative team was informed about the needs of the employer and highlighted the requirements of the area. The measurement and photographic imprinting of the property is the basis for the layout and the personalized design. Emphasizing functionality and ergonomics, the separation of the workshop and the layout of the furniture in the sales area were completed. The exact perception of aesthetics of decoration and furniture is made by presenting the proposal to photorealistic images. The understanding of the project by the customer with images of the shop as it was going to be implemented allows him to intervene promptly for any modifications and to ensure his profitable investment.

Having completed the design to the smallest detail, the architectural design proceeded to its realization. The construction of facilities, compositions, investments and inox equipment followed literally the plans and the timetable. Lighting design and merchandising techniques have boosted the store by aiming for increased sales by stimulating the tasteful senses of the audience.

The company, with passion and determination, has carried out all the work so that the architectural design and the three-dimensional designs will become reality. Guiding its own technicians and delivering the project with the “turn-key “, removed the stress from the businessperson giving him time to do his own research for his suppliers.