Construction of the optical store Vardavas

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Walking around the optical store, the three different glass windows allow the consumer to have extensive visual communication with the interior. All the sunglasses from great designers, and not only, are housed in their windows and showcases. We are talking about “Vardavas” optical store.

The optician’s collaboration with Innovo Constructions attributed a project of great admiration and high commerciality. During the design, all requirements have been included and adapted to the needs of consumers in the region. The personalized design of the furniture and the special lighting design determined the unique identity of the new store. At the same time, merchandising techniques were applied for the benefit of entrepreneurship and the prospect of increased sales due to impulsive purchases.

A major challenge during the renovation of the optical store was the presence of glass windows on the three sides of the property and the increased viewing angles of the interior. Thus, the hidden spots are nullified and the storage compartments around the sales area are minimized. For this reason, it was necessary to ergonomically arrange and design the equipment by facilitating the optician in its work. The organization, the tidiness and the cleanness of the space create the optimal image of the store to the passer.

The metal, glass and red wood dominate in the optical store’s decoration. The intense contrast between the color of passion and the neutral color surfaces gives vividness, warmth and seriousness to the store. The neat lighting is the ultimate way of highlighting all the elements of the store. Therefore, the customer feels he is hosted in a modern, stylish and optimistic space.

The construction of the optical store works as a well-designed setting that is exposed to the public on a daily basis. The strengthening of the communicative character while paying attention to the detail of the compositions and facilities shows the care and the respect of the optician towards the increased needs of the modern public.