Construction of the optical store "Ofthalmos"

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Eyewear bring beauty to every person, highlighting the personality of the person for the taste and style they like. For that reason, the store must be attractive, expressing the perceptions and the character of the optician and aiming at strong customer bonds with the consumer audience.

Innovo Constructions aiming at a more effective communication with the customer, visual and verbal, so that each person feels unique and satisfied completed the architectural design of «Ophthalmos» Optical Store chain. The presentation of the final proposal was made with two-dimensional drawings and photorealistic representations for the fullest perception of the idea by the optician

The predominant element of the decoration of the store is the red color and its intense contrasts with the white and black surfaces. The passion and vitality of the store pass into the client’s psychology, provoking positive and optimistic thoughts. The modern décor creates an intimate and accessible atmosphere, full of vitality and warmth. The color combination and the high quality of the materials and equipment of the store lead to the unique attractive effect that mesmerizes and is engraved in the memory of the audience.

During the construction and to the selection of lighting fixtures. The large red cylindrical ceiling lights contrast with the distinctive hanging lights that highlight table displays, downlights, spotlights and hidden lights that highlight individual room windows. This creates a harmonious and welcoming environment, comfortable and pleasant.

The innovative and modern renovation of “Ophthalmos” Optical Store was completed by adopting the values and ideals of the modern era and the new trends for diversity and uniqueness. Thus, the shop area becomes a valuable tool in the hands of the optician, contributing effectively to the promotion of its business