Construction of the optical store in Vrilissia

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Construction of the optical store in Vrilissia

A visual store different from the usual, original, unique, unforgettable. The optical store in Vrilissia impresses with its aesthetics and personalized equipment. He raises the interest with his unique colors and his “living” environment.

Innovo Constructions, after exploring the preferences, objectives and needs of the optician, proceeded to the renovation of the optical store with passion and imagination. The complete replacement of the furniture, equipment and decoration elements gave a newstyle to the store that reminded nothing of the old, outdated and worn-out store.

The renovation of the property began with the replacement of the electrical and mechanical systems and of the heating – cooling – ventilation installations. This ensures optimum quality and durability in time, avoiding any damage due to aging or wear. At the same time, the flexibility of the systems and the availability of expectations to meet future needs are ensured.

Then attention was paid to the old layout of the areas that did not meet the modern needs. Owing to this, radical modifications and divisions were made in order to achieve ergonomic renewal of the store. The public keeps eye contact with the extensive sales area, as well as with two individual spaces, optometry and resting area.

However, the functionality of the store is accompanied by the ergonomic and inspiring design of the equipment. The manufacture of furniture highlights the elegance of the optical store and its detailed architectural design. The dark floor creates a balanced contrast with the white and red surfaces. The design of the lighting highlights the products and their value. At the same time, it creates the warm, welcoming and attractive atmosphere.

The construction of the optical store in Vrilissia makes a positive impression in the eyes of the consumer, keeping it indelible in its memory for a long time. The new store is fully modernized and contributes to the development of customer relationships in order to increase sales and the future success of the business