Construction of the optical store in Neos Kosmos

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Construction of the optical store in Neos Kosmos


The rapid growth in competition and the need to promote high-quality products in stylish stores make it imperative to construct the optical store in the modern era according to modern trends and specifications. Innovo Constructions, based on the particular needs of the optician’s shop in Neos Kosmos, designed and decorated its spaces with inspiration and seriousness according to the circumstances.

The natural shades of green – olive and brown create a warm and friendly atmosphere that makes the person feel pleasant and familiar when he enters the store. Strong contrasts enliven the atmosphere and transfuse style and professionalism. Baroque elements of decoration combine harmoniously with modern compositions to a balanced and attractive effect.

In the equipment of the store, special emphasis was placed on the comfort conditions of the client. Light displays bring the eyeglasses and the sunglasses closer to the customer’s eye. At the same time, multiple counters with equivalent seats invite the consumer to explore and try on a wide variety. The customers are serviced in individual mirrors with peace of mind until they choose the product that satisfies them without the fatigue of standing and hurry. The care of the optician for the physical state of the clients acts as a catalyst in the psychology of the individual.

When renovating the optical store, in order to secure the merchandise and protect the optician, the security of the store was enhanced by installing an anti-theft device at the entrance door, a high technology alarm and a closed circuit television system. Optical stores are often faced with burglary cases as the eyewear are exposed, allowing each consumer to put their hands on them and try them on.

The image of the new store perfectly reflects the optician – entrepreneur. Commercial architecture was combined with ergonomics and aesthetics to fully meet the demands of the optician and the expectations of his clients.