Construction of the optical store in Nea Erythrea

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Construction of the optical store in Nea Erythrea

The optician in Nea Erythrea, recognizing the value of the renovation of the store for the display of high design eyewear, has collaborated with Innovo Constructions to fulfill his vision. In this way, the renovated optical store suggests to the consumer that it offers the best product in the best space.

The goal of the architectural design was to renovate the optical store by creating an attractive space with functionality and commerciality for the exclusive hosting of well-known sunglasses. The concept of the design and its implementation was based on the creation of the special identity of the store, as it is indispensable to stand out from the overall set and to remain indelible in the memory of the prospective customer.

The way of displaying and storing the eyewear plays an important role in the way the customers move inside the store. The passerby looking at samples of the latest collection in the impressive shop window, he is becoming interested in further research and shopping so, he passes through the entrance. There, he comes across the service counter in order to find guidelines and more product information. The organization of seats and mirrors in functional positions prevents the possibility of overcrowding at a point in the store.

However, the most striking feature of the new optical store is its roof. Its systematic construction and switching of light and dark steps is inspired and unique. At the same time, their functional role is also played out as diffuse lighting elements and formation of visual comfort conditions. Contrasts of earthy colors with the shades of white and light elements give “vivacity” and “warmth” to the atmosphere.

The sunglasses are of high aesthetics, so the space that emerges is attractive and original. The consumer understands the unique identity and the fact that the structure of the space is perfectly organized, without anything being random.