Construction of the optical store in Galatsi

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Construction of the optical store in Galatsi

Renewal brings “warmth” to the new optical store


The entrepreneur in Galatsi, wanting to modernize, renew and re-enter his store in competition, decided to proceed with the renovation of his optical store. His collaboration with Innovo Constructions ensured that his vision would be fulfilled and attract new customers.

The original optical store, having acquired a particular customer base after its many years of operation, has increased its storage and display needs. The old furniture organization did not fully serve the optician. In addition, their aesthetics were obsolete, having been damaged and faded. With the contribution of Innovo Constructions’ creative team, all of the above was overcome by proceeding to their complete replacement after detailed ergonomic design of the store and the equipment.

The construction of the optical store begins with the showcase aiming at the organized and categorized projection of the eyewear so that the look of the passers-by is first attracted to the showcase and then to the interior. The impressive luminous signage that marks the store, the sleek and distinctive aesthetic design of the showcase, the purity of shapes and compositions and the targeted lighting, contribute to this

Indoors, the operational needs for heating and cooling of the electromechanical installations were solved in the first phase. The visual comfort was determined by the application of the lighting design alongside the application of the design of the store and the technical merchandising. Large mirrors contribute to the diffusion of light while they also act as attraction points for the public to try on the eyewear they choose

The decoration defines the new visual identity of the optician. The white is combined with the brown shades for a warm and intimate effect. New coatings and furniture now exude the feeling of excellent hygiene. The modern image transmits to the client the message that the optician cares about the modernization of his store, so he will care for him as well.