Construction of the optical store in Egaleo

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Construction of the optical store in Egaleo


How should an optical store be constructed when it is within a shopping mall? The answer to this question is the construction of the optical store at River West in Egaleo by Innovo Constructions. The specialization and training of the company’s technicians is the guarantee for the perfect result.

Since the design and the construction were entrusted to the designers, the updating of the rules governing the shopping center was the greatest need. Store labels and lighting are some of the elements that have been adapted to the requirements of the rules. Thus, the signage outside the store’s boundaries were banned and the maximum brightness that the window showcase and therefore the entire store could have, has been set. Other systems that the creative team called to adapt to the specifications of the shopping mall and to the new style of the store, are the security measures, ventilation, cooling and heating.

During the design of the window showcase, due to the above limitations, its communication character was enhanced with the large glass windows that facilitate the visibility at all points of the stores. In addition, the attractive and original furniture, the stylish decorative elements and the promotional posters provoke consumer’s interest by causing him to enter the store.

However, the innovation of the store is on the roof. Mixed fiber optics float suspended in the lower circular gradient. The light blue color gives the seriousness and the elegance required by a high-tech commercial store. The decoration of the rest of the store is in color contrast, as the earthly shades give “warmth” and intimacy to the atmosphere. The organization and the elegance dominate so that the customer feels comfortable and relaxed to make his purchases.

Attractiveness is ensured by high aesthetics, ergonomic solutions and the application of merchandising techniques during the design. Customer growth and business success are based on the architectural design of the optical store’s renovation and its impeccable performance.