Construction of the optical store in Amaliada

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Construction of the optical store in Amaliada

Which elements of an optical store attract the passerby’s interest to pass through the entrance? The eye-catching scenery of the showcase, the appearance of unique glass designs in original furniture designs, the attractiveness of the decoration, the clear communicative character, the organization and the order of the products are the main factors that magnetize the public eye.

Innovo Constructions’ designers and technicians with commitment to quality and results completed the architectural design and the construction of the Optical Store in Amaliada with passion and consistency. The entrepreneur’s needs were taken into consideration by the creative team and included in the final solution so the result is worthy of expectations. Therefore, the new space exudes seriousness and professionalism in the context of modern decoration. The compositions and decorative motifs blend harmoniously with each other aiming at better product display. The aesthetics of the windows consistently follow the style of the interior.

The choice of colors in the renovation of the optical store determines the new identity of the space. Gray and black shades are interrupted by bright white lines and surfaces. The yellow rectangles are in sharp contrast to the dark shades, giving vividness and luminosity to the atmosphere. Multiple mirrors allow light to diffuse, while they act as attraction points for consumers to try on glasses.

Appropriate lighting plays a key role in shaping the environment by adding worth to valuable products. Lighting highlights beauty and highlights the attractive details of the display frames. The visual comfort of the environment creates the right conditions for customers to stay longer, increasing the chances of making purchases.

The beauty of the optical store in Amaliada actually points to the beauty of the glass. The excellent quality and functionality of the entire construction contributes to the high aesthetics and ensures the well-being of the store.