Construction of the optical store in Agia Paraskevi

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Construction of the optical store in Agia Paraskevi

Disconnecting optical stores from the traditional prescription for eyewear and the emergence of new benefits with the parallel projection of well-known products has led to the construction of stylish and modernized optical stores. The high aesthetics of sunglasses and eyeglasses are looking for hospitality in a similar projection space where the customer will be comfortable and will feel unique.

The optician at Agia Paraskevi, aware of his increased needs, sought and found in the team of Innovo Constructions the right partner for the design and construction of the optical store he envisioned. The sleek design gains emphasis with the original furniture of the showcase and the green shades in the decoration. The atmosphere is friendly and pleasant, only giving positive thoughts to the customer.

During the renovation of the optical store, special emphasis was placed on the functionality and ergonomics of the equipment so that there is always organization and categorization of the products. For this purpose, it was considered appropriate to install modern, high quality and durable drawers beneath the wall mounted glasses. Thus, finding products is fast and methodical and customer service is immediate and effective

The aesthetics of the space convey to the client the message that the optician cares for his store, so he will care for him as well. The choice of placing a stall for relaxing at the store shows the gentle mood of the optician who provides excellent customer service for as long as it takes to be satisfied. The discreet and smooth integration of the reception desk into the decor allows the public to be lost in the magic of the space and the unique creations it hosts while forgetting the cost of purchasing the products.

The decoration and the construction of the pharmacy aims at facilitating the entrepreneur and at customer satisfaction. The appetite for creativity and technical training of Innovo Constructions’ potential has revived the optical store and its unique aesthetics