Construction of the optical store Amourgianos

Construction of the optical store Amourgianos


The decoration of optical stores, nowadays, does not follow any specific standards. The needs and the aesthetic perception of the entrepreneur and the designers determine the final style of the store. The identity of the new store is unique, as the personality of each optical store

The first acquaintance of the optician with Innovo Constructions in the real estate area laid the foundations for the final proposal to be adapted. The designers, having recorded the needs of the optician and the store, proceeded to create the idea of applying for a realistic and successful solution. The architectural design was presented with two-dimensional drawings and photorealistic images for the fullest understanding of the proposal.

The upgraded optical store now highlights its products by facilitating the psychological and physical substance of the consumer. The new style stands out with its diversity in increased competition. Functionality, attractiveness and commerciality create the ideal space for the emergence of the jewelery of the person.

Particular elements of its identity are the intense coloring with greenish-red tones and the lack of right angles in the joints of furniture and decorative elements. Lemon is the color of optimism and hope giving light and vividness to the atmosphere. Its shades are attributed to either colored furniture surfaces or colored concealed lighting around the room. The use of OSB with its earthy shades gives a more natural and familiar to man effect. The sharp and blunt angles in the renovation of the optician create the necessary tensions so the passerby will be attracted to enter.

The architectural design and the construction of the “Amourianos” optical store consists of original elements and personalized compositions that, with the proper lighting, create a pleasant and convincing environment for shopping. Innovo Constructions, with passion and imagination, and giving value to the optician’s investment, created a welcoming space worthy of expectations.