Mobile store construction in Kalamaria

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Mobile store construction in Kalamaria

The Buzz store chain is being extended to Northern Greece

By opening many stores in different parts of Greece within a short time, the Buzz chain of mobile stores shows its dynamics and determination. The next stop is Thessaloniki, expanding its purchasing public in northern Greece.

The businessperson continuing his constructive collaboration with Innovo Constructions creates a renewed attraction in the co-branding market. Due to the distance from the headquarters of the construction company, the architectural design of the store was based on the imprinting and the complete photographic representation of the property for the optimal perception of the object of processing by the designers.

Completing the implementation proposal in line with the company’s established standard, the renovation of the store began with the implementation of the electrical and mechanical installation designs to support all the modernized systems and the increased demands of the company. Heat comfort was then ensured by installing heating and cooling systems. Particular emphasis in the construction of the store was given to the visual comfort to create the ideal conditions for long stays and thorough research of the buying audience wandering among the displays.

The decoration and the equipment are the identity of the company and therefore they have been adapted to the new features of the particular property. The creative team, maintaining the organizational structure and the flexibility that characterize «Buzz» stores, made necessary modifications to the dimensions of the furniture and the volume they occupy. As in all stores, the lack of furniture in the glass window of the entrance allows direct visual communication of the passer with the whole store. All the space functions as a well-established and attractive setting open to the public and to its wishes.

Buzz, with its distinctive style and original logo, gradually acquires regular customers and a permanent clientele. This builds a relationship of trust based on direct attentiveness, friendliness and high technology equipment.