Mobile store construction in Galatsi

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Mobile store construction in Galatsi

“BUZZ” the flagship of mobile store chain

The interest of the buyer for technology products and especially mobiles is steadily increasing, as the industry is evolving and is at the cutting edge of innovation. However, due to the great competition, every business meets the need for differentiation, giving each client an unforgettable experience that will remain unforgettable.

How can this be achieved? The high training and helpfulness of the seller combined with the latest technology products of high quality and durability in a modernized space with friendly style and unique identity are the triptych of success. Looking at all the above, the Buzz businessperson worked with Innovo Constructions to realize the chain of stores he was envisioning.

The flagship of the new chain is the construction of the mobile store in Galatsi. In the search for the appropriate implementation idea, two basic questions were raised from the outset, which led to the final solution:

Firstly, there was a need for differentiation from corresponding mobile stores. The color choices of gray and yellow in combination with the light wood that dominate the decor give a unique character drawn to the memory of the buying audience.

Equipment and furnishings had to be partly standardized so that stores could be built in all parts of Greece. Therefore, the ergonomic design of each piece of furniture obeys these rules while serving the modern style of the space. Every detail has been observed in depth so that the support of the merchandise facilitates its categorization and easy identification by the prospective buyer.