Mobile store construction in Ampelokipi

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Mobile store construction in Ampelokipi

“Buzz” stores are now a chain and become recognizable

The philosophy of the mobile store chain is reflected in three concepts: ease, speed, reliability. Ease of service is immediate and efficient, because services and repairs are completed in a minimum time. Reliability stems from high technical staff training within a friendly and ergonomically designed space to meet every need.

The second store called “Buzz” opens its gates at Ampelokipi. The architectural design of the store provided functional solutions related to electrical and mechanical equipment, heating and cooling, ventilation and lighting. Comfort conditions make it easier for customers in exploring products, in their purchases, and in building trust with the employees.

In contrast to the above design is the decoration and the construction of the store, which are based on the aesthetic result of the first store. The goal is to have a single image that represents the space and is easily recognizable by the consumer at first glance. Of course, the dominant role for this purpose is played by the logo and its detailed design with the characteristic yellow color. Its opposition to gray brings the brand closer to the passerby’s look.

During the furnishing and the equipment installation, because of the elongated shape of the floor plan, the furniture designs have been modified to fit perfectly into the dimensioning of the space. Owing to the small glass window, a prototype showcase was created with a TV position for the store to be able to support it both aesthetically and functionally. Because communication with the public always starts from the showcase.

In short, the new mobile store was created consistently in its form and operational needs. Its recognition and increased sales are based on its distinctive identity and the image that the public generates for the business.