Metal building construction

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Metal building construction

«Galaxy» – Stop rest and refueling with character

The design and the construction of a metal building requires specialized knowledge and great experience. The entrepreneur of “Galaxy” recognizing the well-trained staff of Innovo Constructions has made a constructive cooperation with the company for the best possible result. The company, with the above-mentioned supplies and the ultramodern equipment, implements high-quality metal constructions. Applying the architectural design with consistency and prudence is the key to success.

The building’s support is based in principle on the static design. In projects with metal elements, pints are the backbone of the construction. Special scaffolding and extra supports allow safe movement of the technicians during work.

Upon completion of the building skeleton, the technicians proceed with the coatings and the internal division of the property. The supervisor has full control over the work as everything is done according to the scheduled timetable. The two-storey building begins step-by-step in form and character. At the right time, the roof’s coating, the exterior and interior linings, the glass panes, the floors are placed. At the same time, the electrical and mechanical installations, the plumbing, the installation of the heating, cooling and ventilation systems are proceeding.

The space is now ready to accept the new functions. Due to the large volume of the car washer, priority is given to its proper and functional installation. Finishing, painting, door fitting, exterior and interior decoration are then completed. Exterior color choices allow the building to blend harmoniously into the environment as it looks like it is part of the sky from a long distance.

The enterprise becomes operational by installing the furniture and the equipment. Its communicative style is enhanced by the stylish and carefully inscribed signage that notifies drivers of the existence of the business. The simple design of the café serves exactly the purpose for which it is designed: for a quick snack as a break during driving and the course of the car.