Medical Center in Halandri

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The clinics in Halandri is a modern medical center with ophthalmologist, dermatologist and otolaryngologist specialties. The needs of each specialty are different and varied. The dermatologist needs a separate room of waiting and spaciousness of the examination room for the installation of a variety of medical devices, the ophthalmologist needs a regulated brightness of the room, and the otolaryngologist is searching for excellent sound insulation conditions in his examination room. How could this be combined without the total renovation of the apartment to be transformed into a multi-office? 

The doctors who addressed at Innovo Constructions wanted to make their vision a reality. The experience and continuous training of the personnel are the company’s weapons for unique constructions of high aesthetics and functionality. The renovation was complete with new electromechanical installations, fire and closed circuit television systems, drywall partitions, false ceilings with new lighting and new floors. 

The construction of the clinic was completed after the collaboration of all the specialties with the designers. Each doctor presented his needs and preferences and the specialist took them into consideration when planning. Each space expresses the personality of each one, so it is unique. The unified laminate flooring allows the visual continuity of the spaces in a multi-clinic. 

Instead, the lighting was designed separately for each space, focusing on the activities carried out on it. The perimeter-hidden lightings on the roofs of the offices create a warm atmosphere, suited for interpersonal relationships and discussions. Natural light is limited by modern shading roles. The installation of a rack with headlamps in the center of each roof allows the light flow and diffusion of light to be adjusted by each doctor according to the occasion and time. 

The construction and the equipment of the polyurethane is of superior quality and durability. The service counters inside each examination room are specially designed and constructed to help the doctor in his work, the organization of the tools and classifying materials. Particularly original pieces of furniture adorn each room separately giving a touch of optimism and upgrading, both material and spiritual. 

In the reception and the waiting area, the simplicity of the forms is enhanced by the linear elements emphasized by the illumination. The big black sofas are in sharp contrast to the rest of the decoration, inviting the newcomers to rest on them. For the dermatologist’s office, a separate waiting area is provided just outside the doctor’s office. The waiting and reception areas are unified to ensure better and faster service by the employee at the front desk. 

The design of medical facilities in Halandri was a special challenge for Innovo Constructions. Responsibility, good quality, adaptability to requirements as well as flexibility of construction has led to the completion of the construction of the clinic in the wake of the expectations of all specialties. 

The clinic in Halandri is an example of the co-operation of three different specializations within a space. The special characteristics of each specialty create the corresponding needs for the space that they work in. The success of this project is based on the complete renovation of the apartment for its conversion to a medical center. 

Doctors wishing to make their vision come true addressed Innovo Constructions, which is a force with its experience and training in the construction of a clinic. The renovation of a clinic but also of a medical center requires specialized knowledge about the profession of doctor, the way he moves, his intentions and his purpose. Forming a welcoming atmosphere helps the patient feel more comfortable to expose his or her problems and provide all the necessary information that will lead to a proper medical opinion. 

The renovation was complete with false ceilings, drywall partitions and laminate flooring in all areas for their visual follow-up in a medical center. The installation of the electromechanical, closed circuit monitoring and fire protection systems has been done from the outset to avoid any damage and to provide the appropriate facilities for the installation of technologically advanced equipment machinery. The lighting plays a leading role in each space as it shapes the visual comfort conditions for both the doctor and the patient. 

The waiting and reception area is unified to ensure an immediate and faster service to the patient by the receptionist. The austerity of the forms is enhanced by the light linear elements of the space. All the structures and the equipment of the clinic meet the specifications and are of high quality and durability, specially designed to facilitate every doctor. 

The completion of the construction of the medical center was worthy of the expectations of all specialties. Innovo Constructions, with diligence, determination and professionalism, has accomplished the difficult task of co-operating many different people for a perfect result.