Linen store construction in Tripoli

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Linen store construction in Tripoli

The “Paradise of the House” is in Tripoli

A linen store has a wide variety of merchandise that many times the product crowd is confusing to customers. Highlighting all different items in order and organization in an attractive environment is the key to the success of the business.

The entrepreneur in Tripoli, following the needs of her new store and the requirements of the era, addressed Innovo Constructions. The specialization of the company in the design, construction and renovation of stores is a guarantee for the realization of the client’s vision.

The design and the construction of the linen store began with the façade. The intimate feel of the wood lining works as a frame that projects the commodity to the public in the foreground. The special construction of the signage with elegant finishes shows the attention to detail.

The wavy composition on the roof of the interior impresses, as it is also perceived by the passers-by, inviting them to come in, while reducing the height of the store to the point where there is no loft. Its construction is made of elastic glossy membrane, a modern antistatic material that gives unique solutions, while it has unparalleled advantages over other materials at the same time. The bright “rivers” direct the eye to the depth of the store so that the customer meets the widest range of goods. The impressive ceiling captures the eye and excites the interest.

The absolute respect of the entrepreneur’s needs is seen in the final layout and construction. The store expresses her both functionally and aesthetically. The simple design of the perimeter showcases allows the visibility of the packages of the commodity without creating hallucinations.

The “Paradise of the House” is located in Tripoli in a place of high aesthetics and a welcoming atmosphere. Identity plays a dominant role in the diversity and competitiveness of the new store. The ultimate goal is for the customer to feel beautiful and relaxed within the space, so that he can stay longer by prolonging his purchases.