Linen store construction in Markopoulo

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Linen store construction in Markopoulo

The communication character of the linen store that stands out

The new exhibition of linen goods in Markopoulo impresses with the elegant aesthetics and the high quality of the merchandise and its projection space. How, after all, could the glass window, which allows the passerby to have direct visual contact with the interior and the bulk of the sale products, could be unnoticed?

Renovation of the store and its window displays function as a well-designed setting. The communication character of the store is clear and includes the basic speech and image messages. However, the facade of the store is not just made up of equipment, advertisements and products. Careful lighting in the right color rendering highlights the scene and the products. All these elements are linked to each other by obedience to the identity and the new style of the space by introducing it dynamically into competition.

Thus, the exciting experience for the buying public starts from the outside environment and continues inside. Organizing and arranging products in categories, the purity of the white background of the decoration and the special markings direct the customer to its purchases.

The construction of the roof was a particular challenge in the construction of the store due to the large free height of the property. The suspension of the luminaires and the wooden construction is made by cables and is completed by specialized technicians, always applying the architectural design. By reducing the height of the store, the environment becomes friendlier by escaping the chaotic situation where the customer is lost at a long distance. At the same time, adequate lighting is achieved, creating visual comfort conditions for the buying public.

The methodicalness of Innovo Constructions in both the construction of the linen store in Markopoulo and the merchandising issues has led to the creation of an ultramodern store that continuously provides its services and products, personally approaching the fullest coverage of the customer’s needs.