Construction of Kokoris optical store in Arachova

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Construction of Kokoris optical store in Arachova

The rapid growth of competition in the optical store sector in Greece necessitates the modernization of a company, both technologically and aesthetically. This makes the environment hospitable and comfortable, while enhancing communication with the client and ensuring the development of personal relationships.

The renovation of the optical store in Arachova was carried out in cooperation with Innovo Constructions, the specialized company in the design, decoration and construction of optical stores. The groundbreaking design was adapted to the traditional aesthetics of the area to achieve the balanced integration of the new space into the local community. At the same time, however, the peculiarities of its decoration make the new store stand out, attracting the buying audience.

The upgraded and sophisticated identity is reflected in the window of the store. The attractive facade shows the detailed and inspiring design of the store. Product elegance is reflected in the high aesthetics of the furniture that projects them. The showcase with multi-stage display cases functions as a well-arranged backdrop to the interior of the store.

In the interior, the warmth of stone and wood creates a calm and intimate environment, ideal for hosting clients for a long time. The installation of high precision, high technology equipment inspires a sense of trust for the optician and the store. Therefore, the audience is physically and psychologically satisfied; making the choice of the product or the glasses, he desires a unique experience.

Of course, decoration, furniture, advertising and products can be highlighted only by proper lighting. Ideal illumination is beneficial to create visual comfort conditions while at the same time it delivers targeted projections of special areas. Hidden lighting creates a romantic atmosphere and the hanging red “hats” give color and liveliness.

The impressive and functional store of commercial character is flexible and perfectly tailored to the needs of the businessperson and his demanding consumer audience. The modern image of the optical store in Arachova, combined with the personal care of the optician, make the store a consumer attraction beyond the local population.