Jewelry shop renovation in Piraeus

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Jewelry shop renovation in Piraeus 

The warm and timeless jewelry store in Piraeus 

Renovating a store presages a situation that is different and better than the previous one. The interventions may be small or large. They usually concern the improvement of the store and the aesthetic renewal, since the most important thing is to highlight the unique identity of the business that is supposed to meet new demands and contemporary requirements. 

The entrepreneur in Piraeus, who has been active for many years in the jewelry sector, has renovated his jewelry shop in cooperation with Innovo Constructions, the specialized company in jewelry shop construction. The elements that played a major role in designing and constructing were safety, aesthetics and energy savings. They all co-exist creating a functional aesthetic store of a commercial character. 

Security was achieved by coating all the walls in steel. Then modern fire protection systems were installed, a bank security door and the location of the safe was secured. The primary safety measures were followed by the installation of a closed-circuit television, an alarm system and a fog production machine. 

In the aesthetics of the area, the wood prevails. Its diachronicity goes hand in hand with the timelessness of gems and jewels. The warmth and tranquility that earthy shades radiate create the right conditions for waiting and searching for customers. 

The cornerstone of all is the lighting, which shapes the store by giving value to jewelry. It also highlights the material from which each jewel is made, highlighting all the attractive details. The option to place led lamps helps with the energy saving and the comfort of the store, minimizing the heat emitted by the luminaires. 

The new jewelry shop comes close to the aesthetic measures of the jeweler and it is more functional and commercial, more friendly and attractive to the consumer. The renovation pushes for a fresh start based on solid bases that boost competitiveness and sales.