Jewelry shop renovation in Peristeri

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Jewelry shop renovation in Peristeri 

The minimalist jewelry shop with pop decorative touches 

The jewelry has always been associated with its beauty and its value. For this reason, the jewelry shop is one of the most vulnerable stores with a continuous increase in burglary cases. Therefore, when making a jewelry store, a very important parameter, alongside the high aesthetics and functionality, is its safety. 

The entrepreneur at Peristeri, recognizing the modern requirements for upgrading his store, entrusted Innovo Constructions with the renovation of his jewelry shop. The creative team with inspiration and gravity, according to circumstances, has imprinted, designed and constructed the store, giving it a modern style and a unique identity of a commercial character. 

The requirements of the pre-existing store and the needs of the owner have been taken seriously from the start of the architectural design and have been harmoniously integrated into the final proposal. Due to the high value of the commodity and to avoid future unpleasant surprises from illegal operations, various security measures have been implemented. Of course, the customer perceives few of these measures, as the consumer needs comfort, respect and hospitality. 

Regarding the decoration and the equipment of the store, the interventions started from the front with the impressive showcase to attract the attention of the passers-by, highlighting the elegant jewels and watches. As seen on the face, so in the interior, the whiteness of the structures enhances the purity and sheerness of the merchandise and the intentions. The pop orange touches refresh the mood and give vitality to the store. The personalized design of the furniture and the special lighting design give to the space its unique identity. 

The new jewelry shop transmits its dynamism and positive energy by offering unique and value-for-time products. The bold decorative interventions make the overture to the modern patterns that the eye of the buying audience is used to, indelibly carving the jewelry shop “Atofio” in his memory.