Jewelry shop renovation in Akadimias Street

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Jewelry shop renovation in Akadimias Street 

A “diamond” in the heart of Athens 

How should a store be decorated so as not to steal the shimmer of the merchandise that it projects? How can the jewelry equipment be organized to make jewelry look beautiful and be highlighted? Innovo Constructions, inspired by the personality of the entrepreneur at the jewelry store at Akadimias street, applies its own unique solution: the simple line of the design in black and white is very eye-catching! 

A basic element marketed by the jeweler “Vassilios” is the diamond. The diamond itself impresses and captivates the senses, whether it is projected in a showcase or adorns a woman. Therefore, during the renovation of the jewelry shop, minimalism prevailed, with a special emphasis on functional needs and lighting. Examining the needs of the jeweler and how to present the products, the creative team designed and then fabricated the individual furnishings and equipment. The main point was to quickly find jewels through categorization while maintaining organization and order. 

Light plays one of the most important roles in the modern jewelry shop, since the proper lighting design is a remarkable factor in showing gold, platinum and gemstones. The commercial lighting used in the construction of the jewelry shop, helps attracting customers by enabling them to look at the merchandise and promote them in completing their purchases. Creating ideal conditions ensures comfort, enhances communication with customers so that the seller fully understands the need, and proposes solutions that are appropriate to each occasion. 

The renovation of the jewelry gives value to the business and its merchandise. The projection needs and lighting requirements are covered by having ergonomics and aesthetics as the primary design and construction tools with original interventions inside. The store is now streamlined and upgraded according to current market needs, creating the right conditions for the satisfaction of the public.