Jewelry shop decoration in Kifisia

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Jewelry shop decoration in Kifisia 

The exquisite aesthetic jewelry shop in Kifissia 

The jeweler serves as a beauty spot for human nature. There, the audience meets the precious and semi-precious metals and stones that can decorate the human body. The beauty of the commodity starts from the showcase that hosts it and highlights it by inviting the person to wear it and adopt it to embellish his own image. 

The opinion of Innovo Constructions experts helped the jewelry entrepreneur to choose the right compositions, materials, equipment, shades to make the jewelry shop’s renovation communicate to the public with his new identity in a clear way. The imprinting of the store and the extensive discussions with the entrepreneur brought to light the aesthetic and functional requirements of the store and the needs of the owner. 

The simple design of the store creates unique black frames – windows on the white wall to display the jewelry. The motif of nature that decorates some walls inside the store gives life and character to the environment. The black-and-white compositions gain brightness giving a feeling of lust in space. 

Lighting and luminaires are flexible, adaptable to create a harmonious atmosphere. Particular emphasis was placed on the interior lighting of the showcases to highlight the characteristics of the merchandise thus making it more accessible to the customer. The jewelry shop’s appeal and new style invites young people and older people to explore the magical world of beauty and jewelry, making the choices that suit them. 

The creative team, when conceiving the concept of the store’s design, emphasized its communication character and identity, internally and externally. The comfortable and cozy atmosphere creates the right conditions for a long stay of the client in it. The balanced decoration combined with the harmonious and professional lighting seal the renewal of the jewelry shop.