Jewelry shop construction of the "Jewel"

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Jewelry shop construction of the “Jewel” 

The “Jewel”: the modern and “warm” jewelry shop 


One of the oldest habits of man is jewelry embellishment. According to surveys, the main reason people wear jewelry is their goal to differentiate themselves from the rest. Therefore, every jewelry is looking for its diversity in order to constantly attract new customers by increasing their sales. 

The jewelry’s businessperson, “Jewel”, realizing from the outset the need to create an original shop of high aesthetics and functionality was addressed to Innovo Constructions. The construction of the jewelry by qualified associates is a strategic investment as it defines the personality of the owner, the quality of the service and the identity of the store. 

The possibilities of interventions on the external sides were scarce, as there was an obligation to maintain the existing investments in order to ensure uniformity with the surrounding stores. The attraction of the passerby’s eye is achieved through glass windows and the jewelry they display. The simple design of the furniture allows the display of a variety of products in order and organization. In the interior, the warm and pleasant atmosphere in earthy tones welcomes the consumer. 

The refinement of the proposal comes with the lighting design. The shop windows are classified from the outset according to the merchandise that the jeweler wants to highlight to ensure that the lighting is adequate and appropriate. When we say, “appropriate”, we mean the proper color rendering for optimal visibility of jewels. It would not be possible to illuminate in the same way gold (which is yellow) and platinum (which is white). Of course, special attention is given to the uniform distribution of general lighting to ensure visual comfort conditions at all times of the day and night. 

The architectural design of jewelry has ensured the application of modern commercial methods in a constantly growing field. Innovo Constructions, having a high level of training and long experience in the design, construction and renovation of jewelry, has created a unique store with attractiveness and flexibility that perfectly expresses the modern businessperson.