Jewelry shop construction in Neos Kosmos

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Jewelry shop construction in Neos Kosmos 

The “warm” Jewelry store in Neos Kosmos 

Jewelry, watches and gems give personality and shine to someone wearing them. Their timeless value is indisputable as they decorate the person and shape his appearance. The acquisition of jewelry is a special event for every customer that every jeweler must respect. 

Creating an attractive and functional store for welcoming and serving customers shows the concern for consumers by giving value to business and commodity. For this reason, the businessperson in Neos Kosmos collaborated with Innovo Constructions to design and construct his jewelry shop. The specialization of the company in jewelry renovation is a guarantee for an excellent result that expresses the employer and is in the buying spirit of the era. 

The modernization of the store began with the security of the interior and the goods. The walls were reinforced and modern alarm systems, fire safety, closed circuit television and fog production were installed. The installation of a bank security door allows the control of incoming and outgoing outlets. 

After the implementation of the security measures, the aesthetic upgrade of the jewelry shop was examined and started from the facade as it is the key to success in attracting passers-by. The communicative and attractive character of the face consistently follows the shape and style of the store inside. Earthly shades and extensive use of wood warmly welcome the customer. The intense color contrasts and the proper lighting provide vividness and style. The timelessness of the decoration highlights the timeless value of the merchandise it projects. 

The beauty of the jewelry shop in Neos Kosmos refers to the beauty of the jewelry. The positive mood is enhanced and the client feels calm to make choices in a welcoming and comfortable environment. The high requirements of the modern era are found in the operating systems and the decoration, creating a shop worthy of expectations.