Jewelry shop construction in Monastiraki

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Jewelry shop construction in Monastiraki 

The minimal construction of the jewelry shop in Monastiraki 

The jewelry adorns the body and embellishes the soul. Mood changes, self-confidence is enhanced, positive emotions overwhelm the individual. The supply of the merchandise from an inviting and warm place gives even greater value to the choice of jewelry and “delights the heart”. 

The jeweler in Monastiraki, wanting to set a good foundation for the development of his business, has collaborated with Innovo Constructions, the specialized company in the design, construction and renovation of jewelry shops. With passion and imagination, the technicians designed and created a new modern environment, adaptable to the peculiar configuration of the property and to the owners’ ideals. Ensuring primarily the security of the store, the merchandise and the shopkeeper, the creative team has constructed stores that are functional and attractive to the buying audience. 

White color, which dominates the decoration, exudes a sense of calmness and relaxation. The store looks larger and more spacious. At the same time, the cleanliness of the jewelry shop is enhanced, giving a refined note of minimalistic aesthetics. White shades act as a backdrop, creating intense contrasts with the merchandise and highlighting the jewelry. 

Lighting works harmoniously with the jewelry shop’s architecture, decoration and commerciality, giving vivacity and romance. The adequacy of the facilities and the waiting times have been thoroughly examined to cover both current and future needs. Spotting on the ceiling of the jewelry shop allows for a uniform diffusion of light and visual customer satisfaction. The convenience of the shopper while browsing the showcases is the driving force for increasing the sales of the business. 

The optimal design and construction of a jewelry shop is essential, as it is an investment for the business. The cooperation of the entrepreneur with Innovo Constructions determined the style of the new store to remain indelible in the memory of the customers. Attractiveness, functionality and commerciality co-exist, highlighting the unique identity of the store in Monastiraki.