Jewelry shop construction at Athens Metro Mall

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Jewelry shop construction at Athens Metro Mall 

The contemporary jewelry shop at Athens Metro Mall 

The timeless value of jewelry as a symbol of beauty is indisputable. The emblematic, luxurious jewelry store at Athens Metro Mall is the favorite meeting point for high jewelry love. Innovo Constructions completed the architectural design and the construction of the jewelry store wisely and with care. The experience and technical training of the company’s workforce in technology, security, aesthetics and ergonomics is a guarantee for a successful outcome. The new store exudes seriousness and professionalism in the context of modern decoration. 

Its location within the mall has played an important role in how to renovate the store and communicate with consumers, as there are some specifications to be adopted. The general lighting, but especially the lighting of the merchandise, plays a decisive role in the product display and decisively influences the customer in his markets. 

The high height of the store in relation to the long plan view of the sales area has been a particular challenge for achieving optimal functionality and commerciality. The slim design and clarity that the whiteness of the compositions exudes, convey peace and friendliness to the customers. The person is directly oriented as everything is categorized and classified according to their type and material of manufacture. So the customer feels comfortable to browse through the showcases without being confused by the plethora of objects. 

All the equipment and furniture included in the jewelry shop’s construction are of high quality, designed to the smallest detail. For the safety of the jewelry, special access mechanisms have been placed in each showcase, invisible to the public so as not to affect the aesthetics of the furniture. 

The businessperson welcomes his buyer in the renovated store that fully meets the aesthetic needs of a modern man. The renovated store contributes to the harmony and balance of the jewelry shop, highlighting the commodity, and acts as a starting point for new thoughts, new quests and new increased sales.