Ice cream store renovation at Egaleo

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Ice cream store renovation at Egaleo 

Pop decoration in “Sweet Sins” at Egaleo 

The renovation of the ice cream store in Egaleo is dedicated to admirers of bold colors who like to enjoy their delicacies in a joyful and vibrant atmosphere. The dynamism of the environment drives young and old to unique delights in a pleasant climate, escaping the traditional aesthetics of everyday neighborhood shops. 

The optimum construction of the Sweet Sins store is essential, as it is an investment for the business. Innovo Constructions, with years of experience, offers high quality and aesthetics in design, as well as in their application. The company with pop decoration dares to highlight the area with bright colors and colorful constructions attracting the interest of even the most indifferent passerby. 

The façade presents to the audience the style and the products provided in the store schematically and verbally. The choice of a harmonious door construction to open fully encourages passers-by to pass through the sill to be enchanted by lightning and delicious desserts. Because it is a fact that the less effort and moves needed by the consumer to enter, the more chances there are for him to enter. 

The uniform diffusion of the light and the visual satisfaction of customers is achieved by placing a stop on the roof. However, the basic lighting is ensured by the four large semi-circles on the roof. The placement of an LED strip inside and a light-emitting membrane at the bottom, transforms them into large luminaires that can change their colors according to the owner’s wishes. In addition, the three pendant luminaries – balls emphasize and create visual comfort conditions over the three in-room dining tables. 

The image of “Sweet Sins” in Egaleo is the trademark of the philosophy of the businessperson and his products. The original design and construction by Innovo Constructions determined the identity of the new store, to remain indelible in the memory of customers.