Hotel Construction in Paros

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The renovation of individual rooms of various hotel units is the cause of public interest by promising upgraded and modernized services in attractive locations. This increases traffic and upgrades the hotel’s reputation, which promises to increase its profits at the same time. 

The owner of the hotel in Paros, in order to make the stay of the guests even more enjoyable and to improve its services, proceeded to the individual renovation of the hotel. More specifically, in cooperation with Innovo Constructions, the specialized company in the design and construction of professional premises, it built the restaurant-bar area from the beginning according to the modern developments and needs of the area. Its new style blends harmoniously into the island style of the hotel, creating a relaxation and wellness area close to the pool. 

The construction of the hotel began with the reconstruction of the electrical and mechanical installations and the heating – cooling network to ensure the smooth functioning and the adequacy of the systems for the comfort of the customers. Designers, after understanding the stylistic philosophy of the businessperson and his business, they used stone, glass and wood as the main materials of the new decoration. 

The design of all forms of decoration and the creation of the warm and welcoming atmosphere is done by applying the ideal lighting design. Lighting affects the physical comfort of the person for visual comfort and his psychological existence for calm and well-being. For this reason, light is distributed evenly in the environment avoiding tensions and intense contrasts. Artificial lighting coupled with natural light shapes the atmosphere of the room, generating positive thoughts and optimism. 

The high aesthetics and the essential coverage of the modern requirements of the businessperson and his clients lay solid foundations for the development of the hotel. Pioneering and innovative materials are tailored to the specific style of the hotel, resulting in aesthetic diversification through increasing competition.