Hotel Construction in Parga

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Attractive surroundings, intimacy, welcoming atmosphere are the key words that represent the construction of the hotel in Parga. The client feels positive energy, relaxation, mental well-being while staying at the hotel’s new facilities, escaping from the stress of everyday life. 

The owner wishing to show off his business at the ideal relaxation and rejuvenation destination has co-operated with Innovo Constructions, the specialized company in decorating and renovating hotels. A precondition for a unique and stylish space was the harmonious coexistence of the old and the new hotel unit to form a balanced image with a quality result. 

The construction of the new wing required the complete coordination of the workshops and the analysis of the construction details in depth in order to have the infrastructure for the modernization of the space with original materials and modern electrical innovations. Also wishing to have the ability to accommodate people of different economic layers and perceptions of the aesthetics of the rooms, various types of rooms were created to meet the needs of the most demanding customer. 

The choice of outdoor materials is mainly stone and marble adapted to the traditional aesthetics and the warmth of their combination. In the interior there is wood adapted to the aesthetics of each space. Furniture, equipment, investment, tiles, fabrics are of exceptional durability and quality, guaranteeing the owner’s most profitable investment over time. All rooms, central and individual, are comfortable and welcoming to meet the full range of potential customer needs. 

The design and renovation of the hotel was completed by combining impeccable aesthetics with functionality to a balanced result harmoniously integrated into the natural environment. The modern construction of the hotel gives the owner the flexibility to modify the image of his space and to have complete control of his facilities according to his wishes and needs.