Hotel Construction Crispen in Crete

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How can a hotel be refreshed, modernized, and re-invite public interest? Planned renovation by experienced partners is the ideal solution for upgrading the site. 

The individual renovation of the “Crispen” Hotel in Crete was carried out in cooperation with Innovo Constructions in order to make the result of a high aesthetics, functional and quality. At the same time, the cost of the investment and the completion time of the project were secured by budget. Thus, the appropriate timetable and the excellent collaboration of the designers and crews during the construction of the hotel created the minimum disruption for the shortest time possible until the design was completed and the work was completed. 

The large glass dome houses and adorns an open-air patio. Thus, the light spreading uniformly, without being affected by the weather, air, rain, snow, frost, heat, facilitates the movements of the individuals. Maintaining comfort conditions helps create a welcoming and intimate atmosphere that inspires relaxation and optimism. 

During the construction of the hotel, additional work was done in the surrounding area. The harmonious incorporation of the bar into the architectural landscape allows service and refueling of the public in food and drinks at all times of the day and night. The new passageways and their demarcation with wooden pergolas and wooden elements create a pleasant and warm atmosphere, prompting all customers to take a stroll. With new interventions, the pool area is a terrestrial paradise ideal for playing and relaxing. 

The transformation of the hotel was completed by realizing the owner’s vision. Renovation is worthy of expectations. The clear objective for the intervention areas has allowed the design and implementation of the projects in a minimum time with minimal cost, affecting to a minimum the stay of the clients.