Hotel Construction Akti Manos_Happy Days

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Greece is one of the most touristic destinations in the world. The blue waters, the endless beaches and the welcoming climate attract the public for carefree holidays and rest from the stress of everyday life. It is therefore reasonable that the number of hotel units grows rapidly and the services they offer are upgraded so that they are more competitive. 

The construction of the new hotel unit in Crete serves the need of serving a larger audience in high standards and modernized facilities near the sea. Innovo Constructions, having the experience of many major projects over the years, and the appropriate technical training in designing, constructing and renovating a hotel, treated with care and efficiency all the challenges that arose when constructing the new unit on a plot next to the beach. 

During the architectural design, particular emphasis was placed on the balanced harmonization of new installations in the existing residential complex. Smooth integration into the landscape architecture is done with the small repeating units – rooms that stretch up to two floors and allow most balconies to have great views. Planting is extensive in order to enjoy the benefits of nature near the sea. 

During the construction of the hotel, special emphasis was given to the correct and functional installation of electrical and mechanical systems, cooling, heating and ventilation of the premises. The adequacy of the facilities and the existence of waiting rooms have been thoroughly designed to cover both current and future needs. The style of decoration inside the rooms varied to meet the aesthetic needs of more people. 

The ergonomic design, functionality, high aesthetics, comfort, the hospitable and “warm” atmosphere make the upgraded hotel in Crete a unique recreation and relaxation area for people of all ages. Innovo Constructions, with imagination, taste and perseverance has completed another challenge, covering all the expectations of its owner and customers.