Hair salon construction in Rendis

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Hair salon construction in Rendis 

Grooming is a unique experience in the “ZEN” hair salon 

In recent years, the rapid growth in competition in the beauty services industry has made it necessary to modernize a business, both technologically and aesthetically. The public has become more demanding in search of a welcoming and comfortable environment with the parallel high quality of the services offered in it. 

The hairdresser at Rendis, who wanted to start his business on a strong foundation, worked with Innovo Constructions to design and construct the hair salon. The wishes of the businessperson and the location in a central square of the area were the basic parameters in the design of the store. The new style of the salon makes it unique by attracting passers-by and buying audiences. 

The upgraded and sophisticated identity is reflected in the exterior appearance of the salon. The communicative character of the facade expresses the unique style of the store and with clear messages encourages passers-by to come in. 

The visual communication with the interior through the transparent window shows the detailed and inspired construction of the space. Beauty is reflected in the high aesthetics of the decoration and the equipment. White and black shades give a minimalistic style emphasizing haircuts and shades of dyes. 

The operation on the renovation of the salon began with the initial electrical and mechanical installation and the upgrade of the cooling, heating, ventilation and plumbing systems. The right infrastructure guarantees the smooth and orderly operation of the business and the creation of ideal working conditions in the space. Ideal illumination is beneficial, allowing visual comfort while also targeting special areas of the area. 

The public is satisfied physically and psychologically, making it a unique experience of being treated by the Zen staff. The modern image of the hair salon in Rendis combined with the personal haircut of the hairdresser make the salon a customer attraction beyond the local population.