Furs store construction in Plaka

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Furs store construction in Plaka

The minimalist design of the furs store in Plaka

There is one way to give a man magnificent style to his particular appearances: to wear something furry! In modern times, fur, mainly due to its high cost of purchasing, is a symbol of luxury. It is therefore reasonable that the space hosted for sale is completely functional, comfortable and high aesthetics, reflecting the expensive tastes of its buyers.

The entrepreneur in Plaka, who wants to create a shop that suits aesthetically and qualitatively with his merchandise, contacted Innovo Constructions, the specialized company in the architectural design and construction of a shop with high quality clothing and requirements. In the new store, the fur has its honor and its highlighting is best achieved.

According to the piece chosen by the client, she must think and imagine the best way she can combine it to achieve the style that suits her. The basic equipment of the store is the comfortable armchairs and spacious sofas, inviting the woman attendants to rest and admire the unique pieces while staying in the store. Therefore, it is expected that the optimal waiting conditions in the minimalistically designed store will be ensured in order that the customer can test the furry merchandise recklessly and as unaffected as possible by environmental factors by projecting its image into large, integral mirrors.

The minimalistic elegance becomes evident with the simple design line in black and white and with the hidden lighting on the back of the fur hooks. Extreme simplicity in decorative elements becomes the means of highlighting expensive clothing in the foreground.

The perfect aesthetic decorative effect is made by highlighting the aesthetics of the store without exaggeration. The different types of fur and fur accessories allow the customer to make varied combinations to fit them in each appearance depending on the time of the day or night and the occasion.