Eye Clinic in Vari


Medicine as a profession requires the doctor to have a high sense of responsibility, acceptance of his social role, selflessness, fairness of every case, patience and determination. The quality of the practice area determines the quality of life within it and sensitively approaches the patient and his / her problem. Prestige and discretion are attributes that give value to space and the services that are offered. Innovo Constructions creates unique architectural proposals for constructing or renovating the clinic through its human-centered approach, with emphasis on quality and detail. 

The architectural design and construction of the clinic in Vari was a major challenge for the company, as two specialties, the ophthalmologist and the pathologist, had to be coordinated and function harmoniously. Primary goals were the cleanliness of the clinic, the sense of relaxation and tranquility in the reception area, the friendly and comfortable environment. The design of lighting was of strategic importance because it helped shape the desired atmosphere. 

Initially, the needs of both specialties were recorded and the first design was carried out with solutions that concern the individual spaces. Specific suggestions followed, after clarifying the doctors’ choices. For the better layout of the premises, it was decided to have a common reception area with a reception that will regulate the movement and direct the patients so that they are not confused. The ergonomic design of the reception protects the privacy of the employee while enabling him to have full visual control of the reception. The green (oily) details in furnishings create a cognitive “bridge” with nature and bring hope, growth, and freshness into space. The impressive ceiling lamp is in contrast to the sleek design, creates a momentum that attracts attention. 

At the examination rooms-doctors’ offices, appropriate infrastructures have been set up to support the examination machines and instruments. For the proper operation of the clinic, without unpleasant surprises in the future, the electrical and mechanical installations were placed from the beginning. This has ensured the ergonomics of the space with the ideal layout of the equipment to facilitate doctors and patients. In the ophthalmologist, the visual separation of the office and the examination room was achieved with the gray transparent glass element, indicating to the attendant that beyond that, only the patient can proceed. 

The furnishing and the equipment of the premises was made of high quality and durable materials that meet the specifications. The choice of blue seats aimed at the patient’s mental calm, reducing stress and promoting mental and physical relaxation. This makes examination easier and less stressful. The doctor is there to help diagnose and treat, as the patient’s ally against his problem. 

Particular care in planning was given to achieve comfort in the rooms, thermal and visual. The heating-cooling design provided for the installation of air-conditioning units of sufficient efficiency in each room. The lighting design gave vividness and style to the spaces. Think about how different the rooms would be if only one or two ceiling lights were used for their lighting. During the lighting design, the appropriate number and correct fitting of the luminaires were determined, depending on their intensity and light beam. Proper lighting has improved the operation of the spaces, enhancing clarity in the environment. The aesthetics of the space improved by enhancing the decorative elements. 

Innovo Constructions designed and constructed a clinic bringing the requested renewal, combining elegance, quality, functionality, safety, uniqueness. The architectural design and the implementation of the project bearing the company’s seal can guarantee the best result.