Eye Clinic in Korydallos


Medical problems very often affect the patient’s mental and emotional state adversely. Conversely, the emotional state of the person contributes to the manifestation of various diseases. However, every doctor aims to better serve his patients and quickly recover them. Therefore, it is necessary for the clinic to have a pleasant, hospitable and comfortable environment, inspiring air of optimism and positivity. 

The ophthalmologist at Korydallos found the way to achieve this. He contacted Innovo Constructions, an experienced company specializing in the construction of medical facilities, for the design and the construction of his clinic. Creating a new space is a pleasant process, in many cases necessary as it improves mood, and offers a new version of the medical profession. Besides aesthetics, the renovation of a practice determines the functionality by providing the possibility of modernization with the installation of the latest technology. 

The positive influence of the choice of wood on the decoration brings a warm atmosphere and creates a sense of security and comfort, relaxation, harmony and warmth. “Medicine helps, nature heals,” said Hippocrates. The earthy shades give peace to patients in the waiting area, who are likely to wait in the room for quite some time. Contrast with white gives clarity, brightness and beauty. Earthy colors and the choice of stone lining make the space look warmer in the winter and brighter in the summer. All furniture and equipment are moving in this context. The great impressive reception is specially designed to better serve patients, protecting the privacy of the individual worker. 

The office space is unified with the examination room for more direct patient service. Their separation is done visually by lighting under the beam. The design of the wall behind the doctor’s office with the light racks was done to draw the patient’s eye and temporarily forget the issues that concern him. The impressive ceiling lamp gives style and sublimes imagination. 

An almost everyday question to the ophthalmologist is what should be the lighting in the home, at work, on the computer, but also the use of television, so that people’s eyes are not tired. The general rule defines the ideal illumination as the one in which the human eye can function without being tired and burdensome. It was therefore to be expected in the construction of the eye clinic to place particular emphasis on the design of lighting. The illumination design was of the utmost importance and was developed by the specialist designer of the company. 

The visual comfort allows the patient to relax (visually, mentally, and physically) while being in the clinic. In addition, the illumination conditions play a very important role in diagnosis. In order to adjust the brightness of the room, blinds were placed on the windows, allowing the daylight to come in. During the renovation of the clinic, for the optimum operation of the luminaires and the machines, the electromechanical installation was made from the beginning. This gave the necessary facilities where needed and created the infrastructure for further technology machines. 

With the completion of the construction of the eye clinic in Korydallos, a familiar environment for patients and escorts was created. Its upgrading gives value to services and to man. Innovo Constructions undertook the construction of the practice and achieved the desired result based on the aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality of the space through new ideas and original solutions. The process of a successful project is simple; through years of experience, the company knows well and follows it faithfully.