Design of the stand for 2010 HORECA Exhibition

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Design of the stand for 2010 HORECA Exhibition

The combination of multiple styles by Innovo Constructions

Horeca is considered the largest and most widely discussed exhibition that includes all developments and comprehensive proposals for hotels, restaurants and cafeterias. The pulse of the era is reflected in the original stands with the modernized products and the personalized services offered by each exhibitor. Thus, by visiting the exhibition center, the stakeholder receives all the necessary stimuli and information about starting or upgrading his own business.

Innovo Constructions declares its presence with a stand that attracts the visitors and makes the value of investing in the construction of professional space perceived. As it is at the heart of the development and modern requirements of the market, the creative team has all the equipment to design spaces of a distinct style. The combination of different styles of decoration under the contemporary light of creativity that expresses the personality of the investor ensures the unique identity of the business.

Therefore, the design and the construction of the stand highlights the dynamic points of the company by introducing baroque elements into modern style. Black and white contrasts magnetize the eyes of passers-by for further exploration of the services offered by the company. The severity and professionalism of shades and intense geometric shapes are balanced by curves and intense decoration, which are characteristic elements of the baroque. The large pendant chandeliers illuminate the surrounding environment, waking memories of another era, more carefree and calm. The tables and chairs in a similar style favor parallel, efficient discussions with many interested parties.

The entrance of the exhibition visitors to the stand is either from the central gate between the two columns that look like they support the two screens for the presentation of implemented projects or from the sides of the construction. The posters of implemented professional premises in the partitions inside the stand show a sample of the company’s remarkable and distinct work.