Dental Clinic in Kifisia


The nature of medicine requires the professional to have patience, determination, and mental strength, high sense of responsibility for his social role, selflessness, emotional maturity and stability. The doctor goes through a long, demanding training both theoretically and practically, never stops studying, updating, and educating himself on the developments and new data of his science and specialization. Appropriate infrastructure, equipment, comfortable environment, excellent hygiene conditions are essential for the proper exercise of his profession. 

Innovo Constructions undertakes the architectural design and all the necessary work for the renovation of the clinic, adapting the space functionally and aesthetically to the needs of the doctor. Undertaking the architectural design and the construction of the dental clinic in Kifissia, Innovo took responsibility for creating a space of high standards and requirements. The specialties to be hosted are dentistry, pediatrician and orthodontist. 

The clinic always works with guiding principles: ethos, seriousness and interest in man and his needs. Listening to the word “dentist” alone can cause great concern to many people. Many express their fear, especially children, and they do not care to visit the doctor. Therefore, the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in the waiting area, the creation of a warm and friendly space for the patients was the primary concern of the company. A space specially designed for children urges and motivates them to visit the doctor, seeing it as a game and not an unknown, odd, scary fact. Visiting, as much as possible, is fun, without much crying or yelling. 

A dentist has particular requirements for drainage and clean water supply. The new plumbing plants cover all the needs of the clinic, while the correct tips facilitate the plumbing for the examination chairs. The proper operation of the clinic is favored by the implementation of all safety standards. For this reason, the electrical installation of the premises is designed from the beginning and fitted with new superior materials and accessories. After a specialized design of the examination rooms, the minimization of disturbing sounds in the oral hygiene area through motor acoustic isolation was achieved, for a more relaxed environment. 

The choice of blue color decoration in the examination rooms promotes tranquility, relaxation, reduces stress (usually paid by anyone visiting a doctor). It strengthens the feeling of freedom, security and confidence in the dentist. The blue wall points to an endless blue sky and to the serenity that offers the person looking at him for quite some time. 

The patient’s doctor relationship is definitely a complicated relationship characterized by many and difficult balances. The power of the illumination is sufficient, depending on the use of each room, so as not to tire the doctor’s vision, but also favorably predispose the patient for the good development of the situation. The light elastic membranes on the roofs of the examination rooms disperse the light evenly, achieving the desired atmosphere.