Decoration of the playground in Kalamata

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Decoration of the playground in Kalamata 

The fairy tale place “Fairyland” for children in Kalamata 

A playground made out of fairy tales, inspired by fantastic stories that enchant children’s minds! The “Fairy tale”, or “Fairyland,” as it is called, is a multi-lingual space for young ages full of sun, light, colors and liveliness, fulfilling all the needs of the children. 

The entrepreneur, wishing to renew his space, addressed Innovo Constructions to decorate and construct his playground. The creative team with love for the child and with special care for its increased needs created an original space, colorful and attractive. The new playground, complying with all European safety standards, allows children to spend endless hours of carefree and fun. 

The central idea for decorating the playground is the creation of a castle where all activities are hosted. The facade of the playground inclines the passerby towards what he will meet once he walks through the entrance. Knights and fairies promise a unique space for play and pleasure. The coating of the walls with stone, both inside and outside the building, the formation of a large castle gate with the knights to supervise the movement, the luminaires – cages, the extensive use of wood and other decorative elements fit harmoniously and serve the central decoration idea. 

By targeting the development of the skills of young girls and boys, an organized space for Lego-constructions was formed. Specially designed tables have a large surface area for construction, while they also include large storage space for categorized storage of materials. Next to this, it is the large manufacture with multiple games that helps children’s physical outlet. 

Children are socialized, cultivated, learn, play, have fun. With prudence and responsibility for children, Innovo Constructions constructed a comfortable and beautiful multipurpose space for unlimited play with the parent-escort enjoying moments of relaxation on the spacious table-chairs in the new playground “Fairyland” in Kalamata.